North Somerset

Cyber Security Cluster

Our Objectives

The objectives of the North Somerset Cyber Security Cluster are;

  • To educate and inform Small and medium sized enterprises in North Somerset on Cyber Hygiene and Compliance.

  • To bring together web and cyber related businesses based in the North Somerset area to foster collaboration, networking and best practice.

  • To promote North Somerset as a great place to be a company within the cyber sector, and to do business online; feeding into wider North Somerset economic strategy around investment agenda, job creation and skills growth.

“Cyber security is absolutely a hot topic right now,” says Mark Barnett, subject area manager for computing at Weston College. “Worldwide, we will spend around £70bn on cyber security in 2017. Big organisations like banks and law firms are looking into it more and more, and that means we need skilled people to be able […]


Fraud affects 1 in 4 businesses every year; according to Action Fraud. Have you invested time in risk assessing your activity? You and your staff may be the weakest link when it comes to cybercrime. Social engineers or shall we call them confidence tricksters exploit you. They use techniques linked to everyday human behaviour to […]

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